[Milton-L] The TeaM: Satan & Sons

Dario Rivarossa dario.rivarossa at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 01:31:45 EDT 2011

E quella, che repente indi n’assalse,
Orrida e spaventosa e fiera Morte,
Che del Peccato è dolorosa figlia:
Del Peccato, ch’è prole e primo parto
Del superbo demonio a Dio rubello,
Principe di malizia, e quasi fonte
Ond’ogni mal fra noi si versa e spande.

_____Torquato Tasso, Il Mondo Creato 4.96-102

And, suddenly then us assailing,
Horrid and dreadful and fierce Death,
Who is the painful son of Sin:
Of Sin, the offspring and firstborn
Of the proud devil to God rebel,
The prince of malice, as the source
Whence any evil upon us flows.

No comment needed.

Just an interesting transgender issue: in Italian “Morte” (Death;
literally “daughter of Sin”) is a feminine word, and “Peccato” (Sin) a
masculine one. Milton inverts.
As for “painful”, it is meant here that Death makes us sorrowful.
Looks like, however, Milton re-interpreted it as the pain Death causes
to his own mother, both in being delivered and by raping her
immediately afterwards.

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