[Milton-L] Renaissance music--recs?

Mark DeLucas mkdelucas at gmail.com
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Hyperion Records (hyperion.co.uk) has amassed a very impressive collection
of Renaissance-period choral music.  Its website allows you to sample every
single track of every single album.  Another lovely label is Spain's Glossa

I also highly recommend all things Hilliard Ensemble, the dreadful Jan
Garabek collaboration excepted.  As an introduction to Josquin Desprez and
Orlando Lassus, the Ensemble's "Motets and Chansons" and "Lassus" can't be

Mark DeLucas

On Sun, Apr 3, 2011 at 10:19 AM, Zackariah Long <zclong at owu.edu> wrote:

> Hi, there, fellow Miltonists,
> This is slightly tangential to the purpose of this list, but if pressed I
> suppose I could say I was working on "At a Solemn Music" or was interested
> in Milton's father:
> Recently I have become interested in listening to Renaissance music and was
> wondering if anyone had recommendations of nice places to start in the way
> of CDs or boxed sets. I started where I am most comfortable, with
> Shakespeare and Elizabethan music--of which there seems to be an abundance
> of easily available collections--but would be interested in ranging further
> abroad within the England or on the Continent. Any favorite sets or
> sites/labels to check out?
> With much appreciation,
> Zack
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