[Milton-L] Adam and Eve alone

Harold Skulsky hskulsky at smith.edu
Sat Mar 27 20:59:46 EDT 2010

>>Does this solitary beginning suggest that individuals are prior to
that Eve and Adam must voluntarily form a social contract? And does
have to ask for a relationship with God before that can occur?

M's Adam and Eve are hardwired for reasoning about the world to which
they awaken, including their own interdependent and God-related natures.

(a) Adam quickly recognizes the world as a gift for which he owes a
debt of gratitude to an unseen giver — his moral relationship with God
is innate, not voluntary or contractual. 

(b) Eve's recognition of her affinity with Adam allows her to conquer
her fears and yield to his wooing. 

(c) The social contract is a ratification of what human nature already
requires; on Milton's showing, human beings are jigsaw pieces ready cut
to fit each other, in a puzzle they are born to solve. 

Ultimately Milton is not a tractarian.

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