[Milton-L] "subjective states" (further)

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Dear Alan,

Let me ignore the tone and ad hominem quality of your remark, and take it as a 
part of a dialogue.  Please explain how you would read this poetry.  I take it that 
this poetry is indeed interested in "subjective states" even if the states in 
question are not necessarily experienced by the author (though Petrarch, for 
instance, insisted that he did experience them, and we have reason to believe 
that Wyatt, Spenser, and Sidney did also).  Do you see this body of poetry as a 
series of rhetorical exercises?  Please do explain your view (rather than merely 
negatively characterizing what you take mine to be).  

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>There is a large body of criticism devoted to ahistorically reducing
>early-modern love poetry to works of individual self-expression and
>you are welcome to add to it.
>Alan H.
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