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FREE articles for July 7 - 13, 2010


Welcome to UTP Journals focus - www.facebook.com/utpjournals

Every week we will feature articles from several of our journals and offer
them free to our Facebook fans. Check back every Wednesday for free access
to a new group of articles. 


This week we are pleased to feature:


University of Toronto Law Journal - from issue 57:4 

Histories of colonialism, legality, and aboriginality 


University of Toronto Quarterly - from issue 71:3 

Environmental Concerns: Ecocritical Landmarks, Textmarks, Benchmarks  


Canadian Historical Review - from issue 84:3 

The Limits of Liberalism: The Liberal Reconnaissance and the History of the
Family in Canada  


Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice - from issue 48:3

Risks, Ethics, and Airport Security 


Canadian Modern Language Review - from issue 55:4 

Language Learning Strategies and Language Proficiency: Investigating the
Relationship in Hong Kong  


Canadian Public Policy - from issue 34:1 

Health Care Utilization in Canada: Twenty-five Years of Evidence  


Canadian Review of American Studies - from issue 38:3 

Marji: Popular Commix Heroine Breathing Life into the Writing of History 


Cartographica - from issue 32:4

Distortions on Sixteenth-century Maps of America  


Articles can be accessed through the UTP Journals Facebook Page or through
our UTP Focus email list at
<http://visitor.constantcontact.com/d.jsp?m=1102678839183&p=oi> UTP Journals
Email Updates


Don't forget to check back at http://www.facebook.com/utpjournals on July 14
for a new list of free articles! 


posted by T Hawkins, UTP Journals

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