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However prone to endless subjectivism this topic may be,  it might also be one of no little
profit in discussing literary aesthetics. As for the latter, the following
article, thorough and remarkable I daresay, may be of interest (not directly on Milton though):


Christopher. ‘Hume on the Tedium of Reading Spenser’. British Journal of
Aesthetics. Vol.46, No1, January, 2006.


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The astronomer Harlow Shapley, interviewed on June 8, 1966 by Charles Weiner and Helen Wright, admitted to enjoying poety and liking Tennyson, but when asked by Wright, "How about Milton?", replied:
"Milton's tedious. And also I had to study him in some school. That always queers a poet."

That's unfortunate, for Shapley might have answered all our questions about astronomy and the seasons of Paradise Lost . . . prelapsarian questions, I mean. Perhaps Milton shouldn't be taught in school . . .
At any rate, here's the website with the interview (thought that's all that he says about Milton):
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