[Milton-L] "Avatar" reviewed by Milton : What can we do?

Dario Rivarossa dario.rivarossa at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 11:50:35 EST 2010

Guys, I sure like this way of putting things. Maybe my previous post
has been a bit misunderstood, but it doesn't matter.

>Well, we should get our historical and political understanding in order.  We should read Melville's _The Confidence Man_ and Hawthorne's _The Scarlet Letter_ to clear our heads of all hippie detritus, and then we should go through our libraries and burn Rousseau, then embrace an open and independent form of Calvinism, seek to live lives of truth-telling and charity, affect humble piety and repent for burning all those copies of Rousseau, but then if anyone tries to teach Rousseau we should burn them at the stake. That should about do it, I think.
Carter Kaplan

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