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I am not suggesting a "moral judgment" is absent, what I meant was that expanding the frontier of 3D digital film-making was their major concern. My son has sent me articles from European newspapers that report on the increasing amount of angst and depression viewers of the film have experienced- seems they cannot readjust to the "real world" after being immersed in Pandora- inane, perhaps, but remember what happened after Spielberg's "Munich." Many who saw it wanted to turn it into documentable history, with warts, inaccuracies, and all. Cameron had written the script for Avatar over 15 years ago- wonder what Milton would have thought about the sheer cost and revenue emanating from the film, considering what he was paid for Paradise Lost.

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> How can any half-awake viewer of the film not catch the moral judgment
> upon the military/capitalist bad guys and its sympathy for the
> indigenous nature lovers?  Theme has been a part of the analysis of
> drama since Aristotle.  It's unreasonable to expect anything else.
> That being said, it was indeed an enjoyable film with great visual effects.
> Jim R
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> > My son worked as a digital compositor at WETA on the film, Avatar. Explained
> > to me that both Peter Jackson (owner of WETA) and Cameron both take the
> > movie business seriously, and Avatar especially because of its cutting-edge
> > technology, cgi, and overall dedication to the creation ofa digital world.
> > Neither had any expectations that the film would or should become a
> > "preacher" for any social, religious, or environmental agendum. Each age
> > seems to need to interpret its own created artifacts into either a
> > glorification or condemnation of its own past. But it is a pity that
> > entertainment cannot be allowed to be without having also to mean.
> >
> > Tony
> >
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