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Sat Jan 23 12:46:32 EST 2010

Odd as it may seem, the issue of orthodoxy has been discussed even in the
case of Dante Alighieri. The Catholic Church exhalts him as a spokesman of
orthodoxy, while many hetherodox groups consider him as a colleague,
belonging to some mysterious hidden cult, tho' without any evidence.
As it has been suggested as a method, to get an answer we could simply set
him in his Medieval context. But, it would not be very useful anyway, since
in the Middle Ages we can find any kind of doctrine, even among the most
"orthodox" thinkers. Nor was the 17th century a one-sided Era.

Maybe a more "fruitful" (a Miltonian word, if any) approach would prove the
opposite one: seeing a writer etc. in comparison to the centuries AFTER him:
which personal views have developed into mainstream ones.
In this case, Milton IS a hetherodox thinker.

What about Dante?
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