[Milton-L] A bit of variety, was "the only great Christian writer this nation has produced"

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sat Jan 23 12:19:24 EST 2010

Michael Gillum wrote:
> According to Pope, it was nature's "laws" not nature's "God" that lay
> hid in night. I think we have crossed wires here with Jefferson's "the
> laws of Nature and of Nature's God."

Blast it. I tend to depend too much on memory since my eyesight made
reading pring almost impossible and leafing through a book to find a
particular passage impossible. 

Incidentally, every so oftenI search for more of Pope on line, and much
of his major work is not available. When I want to quote some text and
be sure of accuracy I have to find it on line someplace.


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