[Milton-L] Milton's Cosmos and Universe

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Thu Jan 21 10:14:20 EST 2010

Dear Jim

as far as I know, chaos as un-formed matter, or not-yet-formed one, was
officially (re)introduced into astronomy only by Pierre-Simon de Laplace in

>That's an interesting question, Dario.  I'm with Jeffery on this one -- I'm
not sure either.  I see most semitic and European creation mythologies as
variations on a theme, and Milton seems to be fit within this broader
tradition well.  He's just a lot more detailed.  But I'm not sure what
Milton's contemporaries thought about the relationship between chaos and the
material universe -- say, how this relationship was represented in sermons
and other theological works of Milton's day and immediately before.  He may
be an outsider in relationship to them, but I'm not sure.

Jim R
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