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Dario, I don't know the answer to that query. Perhaps Jim or others know.

Jeffery Hodges

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Jim, Jeffery --

many thanks. So, seems like your answers confirm what I suspected, i.e. that a view including both chaos AND universe together belonged ONLY to pre-Christian poets and writers. Milton, again, proves to be an outsider. Or, doesn't he?


Hesiod's Theogony implies the existence of Chaos as a character in a drama
>rather than just a mass of disorganized matter that is later organized, but,
>as in Milton, it seems to be spoken of as a place as well.  For that matter,
>the earth comes into existence alongside of Chaos rather than out of it.
>Jim R
>Don't the atomists also have a sort of chaos, i.e., the atoms and the void, at the same time as multiple 'worlds' engendered by the swerve in the falling atoms?

Jeffery Hodges
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