[Milton-L] Milton's Cosmos and Universe

Harold Skulsky hskulsky at smith.edu
Wed Jan 20 00:44:33 EST 2010

"Wouldn't the term "cosmos" be more practical and consistent with
traditional conceptions if it were to refer to the world encompassed by
the primum mobile?"

In philosophical Greek, "cosmos" is the GENERIC term for a world order.
The genus is variously constrained by different cosmologists with
different traditional conceptions of world order (see Liddell and
Scott), and if we want to join the party by restricting "cosmos" to the
system of the spheres, there is nothing to prevent us from doing so
except possible confusion: more than one world (or world order) appears
in PL — in fact there are four by my count.

It would be useful to check M's own use (if any) of the term, though to
my mind that wouldn't settle the question of which use to follow.

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