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Horace Jeffery Hodges jefferyhodges at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 20 00:23:23 EST 2010

Sorry to plague the Milton List with this query, but does anyone have access to Alastair Fowler's 2006 printing of his annotated Paradise Lost? It's the same edition (second) as his 1998 printing.
In a previous email, I noted that Alastair Fowler's Introduction to Paradise Lost (1998), he remarks of Milton that:
"His premise, that the ecliptic and equatorial planes coincide, has not been true since the fall. So he has to work out its implications with ingenuity reminiscent of science fiction (e.g. iii 555-61; iv 209-16, 354f; v 18-25; x 328f) . . . . The geometry of Milton's invented unfallen world is elegantly simple -- and exhileratingly easy to visualize. Its day and night are always equal, its sun remains constantly in the same sign, and the positions of its constellations are easily determined without astrolabe or planisphere. There are no variations in solar declination, no equinoctial points, no precession, no difference between sidereal, natural, and civil days." (page 35)
Does Fowler still make these same claims in his 2006 printing?
I'm especially interested in two claims, that "that the ecliptic and equatorial planes coincide" and that "sun remains constantly in the same sign."
Thanks in advance. (And if Fowler has an even more recent printing or edition of his annotated PL, then please let me know.)
Jeffery Hodges
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