[Milton-L] Milton's Cosmos and Universe

Dennis Danielson danielso at interchange.ubc.ca
Mon Jan 18 23:53:27 EST 2010

Having myself toyed with the distinction that Jeffery mentions, I've 
come to think of it as strained and unhelpful, though clearly we need 
*some* distinction. In the "Astronomy" chapter of Stephen Dobranski's 
forthcoming _Milton in Context_ (Cambridge UP), p. 220, I propose--while 
admitting the dangers of anachronism, since the term is borrowed from 
current Standard Model cosmology--that we might not find a better term 
for the totality (encompassing Hell, Chaos, "this pendant world," etc.) 
gestured toward in PL than Milton’s multiverse.

Dennis D

Horace Jeffery Hodges wrote:
> To my scholarly discredit, I've only this morning learned that Milton 
> scholars distinguish "cosmos" from "universe" in Milton's /Paradise 
> Lost/. I've posted two well-known illustrations on my blog, but I can't 
> recall and haven't found the source for one of them (though I think that 
> it's Hughes).
> If anyone can help, please visit the following blog entry and provide 
> the reference details:
> http://gypsyscholarship.blogspot.com/2010/01/miltons-cosmos-or-universe.html
> Jeffery Hodges
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