[Milton-L] Thank you all very sincerely

John Shawcross elea48 at insightbb.com
Sat Jan 16 14:48:56 EST 2010

Dear Fellow Miltonists,

Thank you all most sincerely for your kind wishes. It has been a most  
trying year. I feel fine, but the prognosis is
negative and timing is uncertain. I try to follow doctors' orders,  
and I am certainly eating a tremendous amount, three
times a day. Yet I have not put on weight, and I suppose it's the  
metabolism that is way down. For I am extremely
thin. I try to keep up with your publications and am most pleased to  
see so many investigations and so many
significant explorations of meaning in Milton's works which appear on  
the Milton-L.
I am most appreciative for and humbled by Carol Barton's citation of  
Whitman's "Noiseless Spider" (though amazed
that it is not well known by Miltonists, apparently): I feel sure  
that Carol knows my discussion of the poem and
it's application to a poem by Hart Crane).
I do try to keep up with things like MQ and MS as well as your e- 
mails. And I try to respond to the latter, if there
is something that I might contribute, and I intend trying to continue  
doing so. I find it a bit difficult to get into
some matters that are raised (I have almost no books with me because  
of the need for downsizing), and
so have not recently shown such continued interest, but I shall try  
to do a better job of reacting to your very
useful e-mails if there is anything to cntribute. It's just that I  
have so much to take care of each day; most
of which I have not expected.
Again, thank you all most sincerely. I find it very gratifying to  
think of items that get raised by our diverse
group, as I'm sure you do too.
Sincerely, dear friends,


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