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Sun Jan 10 05:32:17 EST 2010

>A&E's continuing fealty to their creator. This is an ethical justification
that Eve has understood and approved, but that she forgets when Satan (...)

Dear Michael,

it was worth giving a closer look to this subject.
You're absolutely right. In PL 9.774-775 Eve regrets "this ignorance of good
and evil / of God or death, of law or penalty". God is no more - but had
ever been to her? - a loving Lord, a Guide, a Wonderful Counsellor: He turns
into an unknown tyrant, like Urizen in Blake's personal mythology. In 9.815
she will call Him "our great Forbidder" instead of "our great Maker".
Looks like she didn't learn much from Adam.

--- Or, is she right, partially at least? In PL 4.691 A&E had gone to their
bower "chos'n by the sovran Planter": the "Lords of all" could not even
choose the place where to sleep! Even their bliss was "ordained by Thee" (v.
728). Can we really blame Eve, when she says things like PL 9.322-326?
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