[Milton-L] Milton and Greek texts of John's gospel

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Although I don't know the answer about the Greek New Testament, I note that Milton's Euripides was published by the Estienne family, Paulus, then in Geneva.
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Probably be Erasmus's text (the Textus Receptus of 1516).  Seems like another Greek text was prepared and published not long after the Textus Receptus, but I don't recall offhand.  Westcott and Hort's Introduction to the New Testament in the Original Greek is a very useful resource here.  I've found this list online:

<<Most notable among the many editors of Greek New Testaments in this period were Erasmus (5 editions: 1516, 1519, 1522, 1527, 1535), Robert Estienne a.k.a. Robertus Stephanus (4 editions: 1546, 1549, 1550, 1551), Theodore de Beza (9 editions between 1565 and 1604), and the Elzevirs (3 editions: 1624,1633, 1641).>> <http://www.bible-researcher.com/kutilek1.html#note3> 

But it seems like there's another edition that was particularly important to English translations.  

Jim R

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	For a project on Milton's use in Paradise Lost of the Bread of Life discourse from John's gospel (6:22-59), I would appreciate knowing which Greek texts of John (apart from the Septuagint) Milton used or would likely have had access to.  Sources for and/or discussions of this issue are welcome.
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