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Sat Jan 9 02:12:16 EST 2010

Dear Salwa

I too happened to wonder about that. My only half-answer has been PL
4.530-533 when Satan, shortly after arriving in paradise, says:

"A chance but chance may lead where I may meet
Some wand'ring Spirit of heav'n, by fountain side,
Or in thick shade retired, from him to draw
What further would be learnt".

But this meeting, in case, WON'T be described by Milton.

>Talking about the fruit tree . . . How did Satan know which specific tree
Adam meant when Adam was telling Eve about God's commandment in Bk. 4?  I
think I'm missing something.  Would appreciate it if you would point out
where and how Satan learned about what specific tree to target.
Many thanks,
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