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Thanks for the link, Nancy. The review was interesting but seemed to harken back to the old warfare thesis of science and religion:

"Quirky as some of the society's initiatives seemed, the fellows were trying out the new principle of experimental verification of natural phenomena -- a method vigorously opposed both by religious proponents of divine mystery and by adherents of the precepts of alchemy, with its 'philosophy of transformation, regeneration and purification.'"

I'm not sure how far alchemy was from experimental philosophy, either, since Newton himself was an alchemist. But this is probably already getting too far from Milton.

Jeffery Hodges

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Such is the title of a bio of Charles II, reviewed in this weeks NY Times Book section.  This review mentions Milton in the context of "great minds" of the time: "Hobbes and Locke, Milton and Marvell, Newton, Dryden and the inveterate diarist Pepys".  There is a considerable discussion of licensing, and much attention is given to the Plague and the Great Fire.


Nancy Charlton
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