[Milton-L] John Shawcross

Steve Fallon sfallon at nd.edu
Fri Jan 8 15:53:52 EST 2010

Dear fellow Miltonists,

I've borrowed the news on John Shawcross below from the John Donne  
Society's Forum.  We are all in John's debt one way or another, most  
of us in many ways, and I am sure he would be heartened to hear from us.

Steve Fallon

Some of you may know that John Shawcross has been diagnosed with  
cancer of the tongue, lungs, and tonsils.  He has had a very difficult  
two months: he was diagnosed at the time when he was moving from his  
house into a nice large apartment in a community which also has  
supportive care. Understandably the dual stress of the move and this  
sad diagnosis has been hard, but John has held up remarkably through  
it all. He has the support of family and dear friends who have been  
helping him through the practical complications of all of this as well  
as emotionally. We are glad to see he still has his spirit, and he is  
handling all of this with his usual dignity.

John is tired from all the treatments and weak from the weight-loss,  
so is limiting phone-calls to those closest to him. But he welcomes  
love and support through emails and especially cards. His email  
address is elea48 at insightbb.com. His mailing address is The Lafayette  
Apt 318, 690 Mason-Headly Rd, Lexington KY 40504 

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