[Milton-L] Re prelaps seasons: when is a question a good one?

Judith H. Anderson anders at indiana.edu
Thu Jan 7 18:14:56 EST 2010

Jim, I don't remember one, but perhaps PL XI.899 rings in your ear:
"Seed-time and Harvest, Heat and hoary Frost."  This would be the fallen
world, of course, and not my point.  A mythic conception, rather than an
exact echo, is what I had in mind.  Thanks for the memory, though.  --Judith


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Isn't there an explicit reference in PL just to that very thing -- continual
Spring and harvest?  


Jim R

On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 6:55 PM, Judith H. Anderson <anders at indiana.edu>

I can't resist a two-line postscript in some ways relevant (and in some
irrelevant): "There is continuall Spring, and haruest there / Continuall,
both meeting at one tyme." I mean to invoke only these two lines from the
Garden(s) of Adonis, which, in itself, is neither a static place nor one
without temporal loss.  But these two lines alone momentarily capture what
Milton attempts. The mythic imagination, whether sacred or not, is the
bottom line here?



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