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Tue Jan 5 14:34:59 EST 2010

Dear Evan

I was joking, of course. Tho' I wrote a sci-fi story on this subject many
years ago.
It is true that the geography of Dante's Purgatory places it in the Indian
Ocean, but that is clear TO US, not to him. In the Middle Ages the ideas
about India's, China's and even S-E Africa's borders were really messy. All
those places tended to be considered as one, somewhere "far far away".
In fact, in order to exhibit his "more than Medieval" knowledges, Milton
himself cannot help explaining that his own paradise in Asia is the true
one, not in Africa as somebody thought etc.

Anyway the mount of Purgatory - in the Divine Comedy - is the same against
which Ulysses foundered. Now, a great italian 19-20th century poet and
scholar, Giovanni Pascoli, wrote a poem where Dante's Ulysses is said to
have "opened a way" from the Mediterranean Sea to America. And Columbus is
pictured as a hero like the Greek warrior.
So, maybe the Uncle Sam Connection is not completely crazy ;-)

>Following up on Dario's latest posts - if the Chicxulub Crater marks
Satan's fall to earth, that would place Purgatory (according to this
useful site: http://www.antipodemap.com/) in....the middle of the
Indian Ocean, west of Australia. Not the most immediately satisfying
answer, but there it is.

On the other hand, my Dante's a bit hazy, but that doesn't seem to
contradict what I remember of the description.  Perhaps you're on to
something here... :)

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