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Dear Angelica,
In NYPL's 1877 version (which took the Gold Medal at the Paris Salon), 
there is no painting within the painting.  Above Milton's shoulder to 
the left is a Vermeer-style window of colored casement glass.  Between 
the window and armoir above Milton is a mirror with a heavy dark frame. 
  At least, I am assuming it is a mirror, as it is uniform grey 
rectangle reflecting nothing.  I have never seen the Hungarian version 
you refer to.  Is it dated earlier than '77?  The one in New York was 
purchased by James Lenox and donated by his son to the libarary.  
Attached is a link to a book about the continental reception it 
received.  I found it useful when researching the subject.


William Shullenberger has also studied Munkacsy's work and might know 
more. The only painting of Milton's daughters in which there is an 
ecphrasis of the expulsion is the canvas by Delacroix, I believe.

Best wishes,
Wm Moeck

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Dear scholars,

By way of prefacing my question with a demonstration of my efforts to 
resolve the question myself...
• I have a roughly 7 in. by 3 in. reproduction of M. Munkascy’s; and
• I saw the original in Hungary; and
•I re-read a couple of articles that discuss illustrations of Milton 
dictating; and
• I zoomed in on web versions of the illustration),
but I still have been unable to determine the content of the framed 
picture hanging above Milton in the Munkascy painting “Milton dictating 
Paradise Lost to his Daughters.”  It looks to me like a gentleman 
standing facing towards the left. (The paintings with paintings with 
the “Milton dictating” topic are much easier to discern.)

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows of a written reference 
that discusses the painting within the Munkascy painting, or who has 
access to the large original or a large reproduction.  Many thanks.

Angelica Duran
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