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Dear Dario,
I greatly appreciate your posts. As far as this controversy, I'd say it began w/ your apple and arrow "flesh piercing."   I think it goes as far back as the 1688 illustration of Death for Book 2:http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/displayimage.php?pid=829&fullsize=1, 
although it's kinectic in Book II, death has not yet pierced the orb.
I heard Michael Jackson's version of "Mommy Kissing Santa Clause" today on the radio and thought of Terrance's card. 
Perhaps it should be filed under the "Salacious Betrayal" Christmas Genre that  "Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" could fall under.  
It is shocking, and the eyes remind me of myself as voyeur, but the eye of God as surveillance.  As TSA would say, "It's not salacious, it's security."

I like the apples sitting like unwrapt Christmas presents under the tree and the ormnaments of eyes and apples giving it a feeling of decoration not just organic growth.
I have never before munged the Tree of Life, the Christmas tree, and mistletoe into a single symbol.
My mother admonished me not to eat of the fruit of the mistletoe lest I should surely die...
Of course, the Satan/Santa anagram slithering is there too as well as the one-eyed Sphinx of Yeats' Second coming as he seems to come on duty as the second shifter (pun on shape-shifter intended) for the pollution of God's creation.
Also, I think Terrance should submit it to the New Yorker as a possible cover illustration for December, or if it is rejected, simply add the following caption for an Old School New Yorker cartoon:
Eve:  "Adam, Are you sure Raphael said this is the antidote?"
Dario, I've posted, as a payment in Miltonic wages for your efforts, a 1736 copy of Paolli Rossi's Paradiso Perduto:http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/thumbnails.php?album=45
It is a beautiful and large Folio with many wonderful engravings.
I hope you enjoy it.

> Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 22:34:25 +0100
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> Subject: [Milton-L] My post for the day: Cultural Frames (...)
> >I sent my little Christmas greeting above out to the scholars on the Milton List. It caused a bit of a furor, pro and con.
> Listen, Terrance: it is right to respect the opinions of everybody
> etc., but I think that this issue of Political Correctness is getting
> more and more silly. You ARE a Christian artist who express your
> skills the way you are, AS well as a great Miltonist (who,
> incidentally, was a Christian too), so you can freely post any picture
> you like best, and we ALL will find something to learn from it, even a
> mad fake zen buddhist like the undersigned. People can like your art
> or not, agree or disagree, all right, but they CANNOT ask you,
> "Please, draw something more childish than that, otherwise I will weep
> all night long: I was so sure that every human being was identical to
> me, and now......................."
> As for those naked guys etc., Pope John Paul II had Michelangelo's
> Ignudi restored into their original nakedness in the Sistine Chapel,
> so I suppose this issue should be no problem to adult scholars. You
> surely did not draw anything "gross".
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