[Milton-L] My post for the day: Cultural Frames (...)

Dario Rivarossa dario.rivarossa at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 16:34:25 EST 2010

>I sent my little Christmas greeting above out to the scholars on the Milton List. It caused a bit of a furor, pro and con.

Listen, Terrance: it is right to respect the opinions of everybody
etc., but I think that this issue of Political Correctness is getting
more and more silly. You ARE a Christian artist who express your
skills the way you are, AS well as a great Miltonist (who,
incidentally, was a Christian too), so you can freely post any picture
you like best, and we ALL will find something to learn from it, even a
mad fake zen buddhist like the undersigned. People can like your art
or not, agree or disagree, all right, but they CANNOT ask you,
"Please, draw something more childish than that, otherwise I will weep
all night long: I was so sure that every human being was identical to
me, and now......................."
As for those naked guys etc., Pope John Paul II had Michelangelo's
Ignudi restored into their original nakedness in the Sistine Chapel,
so I suppose this issue should be no problem to adult scholars. You
surely did not draw anything "gross".

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