[Milton-L] One post per day?

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Carl (and everyone else), 

1) I completely agree--so, in spite of what I wrote before, I'm agreeing with you right now on my SECOND post for the day.  (But I hardly ever post, so hopefully I'm still OK . . .) 

2) Thank you, Gregory Machacek, for your astute and level-heading points. 

3)  Harold Skulsky is absolutely correct when he reminds us that "Membership in Milton-L, when all is said and done, is a privilege and not a right."  Having said that, I hope that we will all be self-regulating in the ways that Louis and Gregory have suggested, and only resort to formal exclusion in extreme circumstances.  I'm reminded of the Son in PR 1.221-26:  

                                                . . .  first 

By winning words to conquer willing hearts, 

And make persuasion do the work of fear; 

At least to try, and teach the erring soul, 

Not wilfully misdoing, but unware 

Misled; the stubborn only to subdue. 



>>> "Carl Bellinger" <bcarlb at comcast.net> 12/20/2010 6:40 PM >>>

Most grateful for the graciousness and common sense, wisdom and care shown in this discussion.  


Re: one post per day: A limit of one or two posts per day might be urged as a "guideline," but in many instances, the current discussion is one, to set such a limit as a "rule" might --with some frequency-- cramp things up when they need not be.  -Carl 



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I too trust Kevin and Louis to make the right decision, not least because they are aware (as we are not) of off-list correspondence that might have crossed lines that on-list comments did not.  There is a quesiton of legal liability here. 


John Leonard (no apologies for posting twice when others are 
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