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Thorvald Aagaard thorvald at middleflight.com
Mon Dec 20 14:47:36 EST 2010

In an earlier age behaviour such as exhibited recently would have 
provoked a response more ... ahem ... vigorous than banning or 
lawsuits.  Did not Milton suggest daily practice with the rapier as part 
of his ideal curriculum?  One can see the point, so to speak.


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On 20/12/2010 19:29, Horace Jeffery Hodges wrote:
> My understanding is that Nairba Sirrah has not merely insulted 
> individuals on-list but has also threatened lawsuits off-list for 
> insults that he received on-list. In deliberating whether or not he 
> deserves banning from the list, his off-list threats would need to be 
> taken into account.
> If the problem were simply that he does not truly engage in reasonable 
> discussion with others on-list, then the solution would be to ignore 
> his posts.
> The threat of lawsuits -- however frivolous such a suit would be -- 
> makes the issue more serious. The degree of seriousness depends upon 
> what he has written in his off-list threats. For a proper decision to 
> be reached, those threats would need to be evaluated, either by 
> the moderator and advisor or by the list at large, depending upon who 
> is responsible for making the decision to ban or not to ban.
> Jeffery Hodges
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