[Milton-L] One post per day?

Gilliatt, Cynthia Ann - gilliaca gilliaca at jmu.edu
Mon Dec 20 11:25:28 EST 2010

."In my note, I explained that the block will be lifted once he agrees not to call people "morons" or suggest that they need professional help because they tried to correct a confusion on his part.  I also explained that his opinions themselves were welcome on the list, and that others would engage with them if he also engaged what they had to say."

I think that's a reasonable request.  I do find his refusal to ackowledge factual corrections unscholarly.  I have encountered undergraduates like that, and they are difficult to convince that while you can have your own opinions, you can't have your own facts.  If he agrees to play nicely, give him a chance, but make clear that any repeat performance of name calling, insults, and the like will get him booted for good.

Thanks for your willlingness to work for us in this. 



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