[Milton-L] Re: One Post Per day? Suggestion: "digest" setting to ONCE per day . . .

Crystal L Bartolovich clbartol at syr.edu
Mon Dec 20 10:58:17 EST 2010

I hope it doesn't come to censorship-- either of anyone from the list or in
number of posts per day, but what I would VERY MUCH like, and I have asked
for this before to no avail (or even response from the moderator, to whom I
sent the request), is a digest that didn't come what feels like continuously
in spite of supposedly being a digest.

The current "digest" mode doesn't strike me as much of digest at all, in
spite of cutting down a wee bit on the traffic.  Couldn't the Digest option
be set to ONCE a day?  Those of us who didn't want to be getting these
messages all day, but still wanted to be on the list, could then do so.  And
it would still leave open the "conversation" option for those who enjoy the
list as a site in which to debate, which I would hate to close down for
those who have engaged it to their own, and sometimes others, benefit.

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