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Watt, James jwatt at butler.edu
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Thank you, Cynthia.  I've been away from my computer for the past
few days. When I came back, I was astonished at the number and
tone of the list traffic. I quickly deleted without reading most of it,
save those posts from people I know and respect. But, on the positive
side, we can say that John Milton would be thrilled to know that his
work could still provoke the kinds of responses we see here. The
agency of his creations in Pandaemonium is always evident in the
vitriolic commentary on radio and television (I don't need to tell
the names here of the leading actors) and it is inevitable that they
would mis read Milton in the ways they do since, in what passes
for their minds, the point of discourse is always to forward their
agenda always remembering that their ends justify their means.

jim watt 
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".Now that I'm back, I am exercising my ability to moderate the list.  As
many of you have pointed out, recent threads have turned into personal
attacks, and that is not acceptable.  I ask that all of these threads be
left behind and that we return our focus to John Milton and his work."
Thank you.

"On a personal note, I would like to thank you all for many years of
engaging discussion.  I wish everyone a happy holiday season."
And to you.

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