[Milton-L] NEVER again (dear Carol)

Nairba Sirrah nairbasirrah at msn.com
Sun Dec 19 14:38:30 EST 2010

No, YOU never post again. You are on my enemy list. Your doctrine is non-sense. I have clearly proven why. Once again you resort to name-calling. Get a clue. And get a life.
But most of all get help...with your hypocrisy and immaturity regarding COURTESY and RESPECT. I love that my posts are such potent fish hooks to expose pseudo "scholars" like you.
YOU are the ignoramous Carol Barton. YOU are the boorish fool.
Everything I've said is FACT. There's nothing in scripture about Mary's mother, or the circumstance regarding her birth. Saint Anne is a figure of folklore. And just like the Cathedral of St. Anne in Canada, with its walls covered with phony crutches and wheelchairs of paralyzed people who walked out miraculously cured - it is all the invention of 19th century lunacy.
None of it happened. It is all a lie. There is NOTHING about Mary's conception in the Bible.
Which relegates your doctrinal reference as an exposed fraud/opinion with no Biblical foundation.
PERIOD, you absolute MORON!!!
You obviously dislike me, nor I you. So please do us both a favor, and don't bother me. Since you created this arena of off-topic name-calling. That is how I will deal with you.
Little miss Can Dish It Out But Can't Take It!!
You know you are a fool. You've proven it. Now go get help.

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> Immaculate conception does not refer to virginity.
> It is conception without blemish--without sin.
> The mother of Jesus was conceived without original sin, according to 
> the doctrine, and no amount of rant alters that one iota.
> Now please have the COURTESY and RESPECT for the members of the list 
> to accept the many invitations you have received to CEASE and DESIST 
> bombarding our mailboxes with your boorishness. 
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