[Milton-L] once again

Gilliatt, Cynthia Ann - gilliaca gilliaca at jmu.edu
Sun Dec 19 14:16:11 EST 2010

"The earliest mention of Mary in scripture is when she is a young woman visiting Elizabeth, when she is visted by Gabriel and told she will conceive Jesus."
John's Gospel is considerably later in compositon than Matthew's, so this is factually inaccurate.

"Now please stop with all your encyclopedic references. Like Milton's crazy, ridiculous plot line in Paradise Lost, they are completely independently constructed definitions done by people who knew how easy it is to fool and persuade an idiotic multitude."
If that's what you think about Milton, why did you join this list? If that's what you think about facts, why are you on a list with scholars, who have devoted themselves to the study of Milton and his works?

I have read these posts  with a real since of sadness.  The people on this list enjoy a rigorous discussion, and often disagree about interpretations.  They all, however, recognize the difference between opinion and facts.  They can also disagree with civil language. 



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