[Milton-L] More digitized texts, Heywood, Dryden, and second copy of 1680 PR

John Geraghty johnegeraghty at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 18 14:41:08 EST 2010

I just finished digitizing and have added the following texts to my web site:
A second copy of Paradise Regained, 1680http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/thumbnails.php?album=44
John Dryden's State of Innocence, 1678:http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/thumbnails.php?album=41
Thomas Heywood's Hierarchie of the Blessed Angels, 1635http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/thumbnails.php?album=43
This text does not have all the illustrations, but does contain the following:
The Throne, beginning of Book 3 (p. 110)http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/albums/Hierarchie1635/HeywoodHierarchyb061.jpg
The Dominations, beginning of Book 4 (p, 192)http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/albums/Hierarchie1635/HeywoodHierarchyb095.jpg
The Principat, beginning of Book 7 (p, 406)http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/albums/Hierarchie1635/HeywoodHierarchyb202.jpg
S Michael Archangel, beginning of Book 8 (p. 494)http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/albums/Hierarchie1635/HeywoodHierarchyb248.jpg
The Angell, beginning of Book 9 (p. 562)http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/albums/Hierarchie1635/HeywoodHierarchyb283.jpg

To see all the texts, go to:http://www.johngeraghty.com/books/index.php
Feel free to copy/distribute for any non-commercial purposes

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