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Going along with that idea, I have put contemporary comic-book illustrations along side Doré prints to emphasize the super-heroic scale of Milton's characters. Geekier sorts of students grab on to this and to the sci-fi elements of, say, Satan's progress through the cosmos very readily.

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>I think one of the best ways to teach PL to people who may not have a
>familiarity with it is to appeal to their sense of pop culture. Have
>look at modern representations of Satan and angels, describe and list
>then compare them to Milton's portrayal. Many modern students don't
>how much of what they're familiar with comes from this work (harkening
>to Blake's infamous quote). Modern horror movies are an especially rich
>field to draw from.
>I think once you get students to connect to it, it's easier to get them
>the language. I also think illustrations are a great "in" with
>Jessica- if you are looking for more, search the history of the
>list-serv, I
>know this topic has come up more than once.
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