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Nancy Charlton nbcharlton at comcast.net
Fri Dec 17 16:46:30 EST 2010

Such is my response to the Lindall/ Sirrah/ thread  Too much 
throughput of ringing ad hominem logic. At this point if they 
were to ask me who they are, I'd have to say "You are a fish-monger."

I'd probably say the same to the genome people, though I haven't 
had time to read the Times, Guardian, and Science articles, but 
as to the general idea I suggest you look at "new" in the OED.  
This was the email newsletter OED word of the day, and after I've 
sallied forth well-exercis'd to the grocery for materials for 
three Christmas potluck contributions and when the remaining less 
than 3 hours of daylight are over, I'll sit down to write out the 
ideas that the coincidence of this OED piece and the genome piece 
brought to mind.

To Msrrs Lindall and Harris, I'd say ponder PL.VIII.the whole 
sentence beginning at line 159 to the end of the paragraph but 
especially lines 172 heaven to 173 (to ;).

Good will,
Nancy Charlton
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