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I have never made a response on this particular forum as I have never thought 
myself worthy. I only have a BA in English Lit. and MA ed. so I think I am 
underqualified. I came to this discussion list several years ago when a 
professor of mine suggested (in my Milton class of course) that any student 
interested in Milton and what scholars have to say on the subject should join. 
While I have on occasion enjoyed the posts, today it seems things got out of 
hand and has furthur strengthened my resolve to stay quiet and never give an 
opinion. (Of course I am doing it now but this will be the only time.) I refuse 
to be blasted by the people of so-called superior mind so I will remain quiet 
other than saying one comment. People make comments and assume a truth or a 
meaning that can never be proven and can only comment concerning opinions. How 
can I, in good conscience, recommend other students to this forum when they may 
feel like I am feeling now? The superior mind should teach accordingly and not 
lessen another human being. Good day to all. 

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Mr. Rovia...and everyone else...would you please mind backing off the personal 
My "even slightly" comment was in regard to Milton's main rhetorical theme, 
justifying "the ways of God to men." I wasn't talking about the obvious 
character names and locale. I meant the central narrative. Jesus existing before 
Jesus was born. Jesus speaking God's sentences from Genesis, etc.
It is a complete reconstruction, without any Biblical foundation for doing so. 
Justifying "the ways of god to men" by altering every essential biblical 
narrative is, in my opinion, religious crime.
I've tried to peacefully state my points. But I refuse to take part in petty 
semantical banter. I have not called anyone any names. Nor meant any personal 
offence. But except for Mr. Lindall, everyone who has addressed me has done so 
with a direct interest to to slight me or distort my purpose, categorizing me 
personally, etc.
Unlike you, apparently, I have a life to attend to, and (to your petty 
jubilation perhaps) will not continue posting today. I'm glad I tested the list 
waters, but I regret to find they are full of flammable oil. But don't 
celebrate just yet, I'll be back; I'm a Milton scholar for life.
"Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood!!" - The Animals, 1964
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I think you're not fully grasping what you grasp either.  You might want to 
consider what your claims sound like to people reading them.  Here's the main 

<<But Milton's narrative is not in the Bible even slightly.>>

"Even slightly"?   

Milton's PL had an Adam and Eve.  Genesis had an Adam and Eve.  Milton's Adam 
and Eve ate a forbidden fruit.  Genesis's Adam and Eve ate a forbidden fruit. 
 Milton's PL had a monotheistic deity who created the universe.  Genesis has a 
monotheistic deity who created the universe.  I could go on and on, but it's 
already getting very silly.

If you mean that many of the details of Milton's narrative are not present in 
Scripture, I agree.  

If you mean that many of the details of Milton's narrative contradict Scripture, 
I think that's possible, but we'd need to discuss them on a case by case basis. 

But "not even slightly"?  That's far too much.

Jim R
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