[Milton-L] Sheer silliness

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I think you hit the nail on the head. Steve Fallon wrote about PL NOT BEING
A RELIGIOUS POEM. I myself take it as a surreal visionary poem (work of art)
based on religious doctrine, not doctrine in itself.

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> Perhaps I am reading the entire situation wrong, but does the assumption
> that "Paradise Lost" was meant to be taken as a religious text not seem
> silly? Yes, Milton was making a point, and creating an argument. However, to
> say that it's heresy or on an equal level with a religious text seems as
> ridiculous as saying that Harry Potter is heresy because it features
> witchcraft.
> Maybe if the conversation had stayed in the realm of LITERARY discussion,
> the response would have been what we usually have on this list- an
> enlightened examination of Milton's work.
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