[Milton-L] Culturomics? Genome?

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No, it was to my liking. But not what I go to the Milton forum for. The assumptions people make on here about other people are astounding. I joined this to make Milton buddies. As much as my latest contributions may have looked like Milton criticsm, he's still my favorite author. My personal belief is that he used the writing of Paradise Lost to help himself decide what his actual religious beliefs reallly were.
And he sadly came to a rude realization. It's well documented that upon publication of Paradise Lost, he stopped going to church and forbade discussion of religion in his home.
And yes, I was also trying to bring the list more on the topic of the study or Milton, in comparison to Biblical actuality.
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> Terrible journalism--they make a sensational claim ("dark matter") and
> fail to provide a single example to give some idea of what they’re
> talking about. Also, which dictionaries? Including technical
> dictionaries? Philological reference works?
> Nairba Sirrah, People sometimes use this list to discuss tangentially
> related topics of common interest. Sorry if this is not to your
> liking.
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