[Milton-L] Re: Milton-L Digest, Vol 49, Issue 16

James Meakim jmeakim at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 20:51:53 EST 2010

*You're right, Milton is "no bore" Terrance...everytime I perform Book II
from memory the crowd goes crazy when I'm done.

Sometimes I've held audiences of 400+ people, and after 60 minutes of 17th
century England-speak, no-one has ever walked out. One time I even got
screams for an "encore!"....good thing I had the opening Satan speech from
Book IV memorized too.

I really hope I can get universities to hire me so I can spread the word
that "Paradise Lost" performed by a solitary actor is just as exciting as an
hour of Shakespeare performed by 10...especially when Satan has his
confrontation with Sin and Death at the gates of Hell : )*
Alright, Nairba.  We get it already.

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