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Mon Dec 13 17:12:36 EST 2010

Dear Esther

for some reason (foreknown by God??) the text of your message was
hidden, but it was possible to "save" it by clicking on the link,
bottom page.

I thank you for your deep and clever comments, as usual. As a guy
"made in Italy", I have seen a lot of pictures of the Sacred Heart:
maybe they _did_ inspire me, though not consciously. But, Freud docet,
what is un-conscious is truer.
Anyway I surely used, and twisted, the Sacred Heart imagery for the
NEW series of PL illustrations I am preparing (some 250!).


>Getting back to your image, frankly, though an apple, it reminded me of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (though the arrow is supposed to be a lance).&nbsp;Although this imagery was well-known during Milton's time, it was Roman Catholic to the core and particularly dear to the Jesuits and Franciscans. Milton's opinion of these clerics&nbsp;is well-known and doesn't need any rehearsing here, but, whether you intended to or not, your drawing hit on something regarding the poet's core argument in support of foreknowledge as an attribute of the Almighty. My point is that in the case of Adam and Jesus, the punishment they endured for what logically seem trivial offenses is unsupported by Milton's attempts to defend it. How can you defend&nbsp;what he believes is an attribute of God as if it is a proposition?&nbsp;It reminds me of my own exasperation back in grad school when I was endlessly searching for something new to write about Milton and&nbsp;a beloved advisor told me to simply look for something to&nbsp;"arguify." In many ways Paradise Lost reads like a giant brief against the idea of predestination and invites the reader to consider that events in nature and time in this world unfold in unpredictable ways. (You should read Spenser's Two Cantos of Mutabilitie to get a better idea of what I'm driving at here.) Milton was a true Sagittarian, arrows and all.</DIV>

Esther Khanna

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