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Perhaps another longshot, but a 1987 book by Keith Stavely might provide bibliographical help:  Puritan Legacies:  PL and the New England Tradition, 1630-1690.  I have also seen a reference to an article by Prof. Stavely that may be relevant:  "The World Was All Before Them:  Milton and the Rising Glory of America" --published in 1990,I think, but I do not know where.

George McLoone

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>Don't know if this will help: site focused on early documents on liberty in 
>Am. history
>and here's an even farther long-shot: who published Th. Jefferson's study of 
>Eng. prosody...?
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>>I don't know the answer, but I think this might be something Elizabeth Bobo 
>>would know.
>> (John Shawcross would also know, of course.)
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>> Dear scholars,
>> Within the past 10 years, I read an article — perhaps in /Milton 
>> Quarterly/, or not — about a publisher who actively pushed Milton’s works 
>> and those related in spirit to his works in the Anglo-American colonies or 
>> early U.S. I obviously am not finding the correct keywords because I 
>> cannot locate that article in my electronic searches.
>> If this rings a bell with you, please contact me, even if just with the 
>> name of that publisher, the name of the article’s author, etc. A colleague 
>> asked me a question on a more general topic that he is researching, and I 
>> think this remembered article may be of aid to him. With fingers 
>> crossed...
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