[Milton-L] George Orwell and Milton

Dario Rivarossa dario.rivarossa at gmail.com
Sat Dec 4 12:26:24 EST 2010

Dear Nairba (your first name, guess)

many thanks for sharing.
Well, surely Poe's fans - in Italy, at least - are much more numerous
than Milton's, and they must not face any "coming out" :-D

Ah wonderful Book 2! In my next 'top secret' project for the Milton
List, I will deal with those very PL lines, though in a slightly
different perspective: Leibnitz's (T-Z-S!) Monads.

I sometimes act in recitals too, but only Italian authors sofar. Who
knows, PL might be a good novelty to suggest...

> That's true Dario,
> I'm always delighted to realize how many hidden fans of Milton there are. It's like the Poe fan base - they hide, as if in waiting to pounce. I too like standing up after a lecture and redirecting the genberal perspective. I even did it once in an atomic phyics lecture. Where I pointed to Milton's description of outer space in Book II as the first on-record description of the atomic stricture of electrons flying around a nucleus - nearly 100 years ahead of its usually signposted time in the timeline of scientific discovery. See lines 900-903: "...and bring their embryon atoms, they around the flag of each his faction, in their several clans, light armed or heavy, sharp, smooth, swift, or slow, swarm populous..." I always try to get extra dramatic at that part during my "Satan Breaks Out of Hell" recitals.

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