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There is a very important 17C compendium of commentaries on the Bible prepared
by Matthew Poole.  The main source is in Latin but there is also a shorter
English condensation.  Poole provides a summary of important comments on
various biblical passages and his margins provide the references.  One needs to
consult the first page of the particular volume in which the comment appears in
order to identify (more or less) the source.  The English version is:

1. Poole, Matthew, 1624-1679.
Annotations upon the Holy Bible. wherein the sacred text is inserted, and
various readings annex'd, together with parallel scriptures, the more difficult
terms in each verse are explained, seeming contradictions reconciled, questions
and doubts resolved, and the whole text opened / by the late reverend and
learned divine Mr. Matthew Poole. Vol. I [1683]

The much more complete Latin version is:

Synopsis criticorum aliorumque Sacrae Scripturae interpretum et commentatorum


Both of these works are available on EEBO

Noam Flinker

Quoting wmmoeck at aol.com:

> Dear Milton List,
> A question for the biblical scholars among you:
> It has long been recognized by critics of Paradise Lost that the texts
> of Genesis on which it based, chapters 1 and 2, are inconsistent.  Adam
> is created after the animals in chapter 1 but before the animals in
> chapter 2.  Which biblical scholar of the seventeenth century first
> observed this discrepancy?  (I am assuming it to be 17th c scholar.)
> Thanks.
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