[Milton-L] Decaris illustrations of Samson Agonistes

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I looked into this a little more...
The seller has his own commercial site where there are better (some on ebay are cropped) pictures of what looks to be the full series -I really don't know how many illustrations make up the complete set:
One of the 29 has sold, so unfortunately the set is already broken up:
I contacted the seller to se if I could work out an arrangement to get a set of the digitized engravings and permision to post or distribute.  
I will let you know.


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I'm so grateful for this posting!!!!  Thank you.  Joe Wittreich

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Thank you for this, John. A rare find, indeed!
Best to all, 
Carol Barton

Aug 24, 2010 08:45:22 AM, milton-l at lists.richmond.edu wrote:

> There is a set of beautiful engravings by Albert Decaris on Ebay. I do 
>not think these can be seen anywhere else online:
This RARE ENGRAVING is from the Limited Edition Suite "John Milton 
>Samson Agonistes". This engraving is a very strong impression by WORLD RENOWNED 
>Artist Albert Decaris (Read biography below). The suite is limited to only 55 in 
>the world. 
MEDIUM: Limited Edition Engraving of ONLY 55 
>in the world. Since this was created in 1939, I suspect not all 55 are still in 
>circulation making this piece even more RARE! 
SIZE: 15 x 11 inches unframed 
> Page xii of the preface "Why Milton Matters" has a brief reference putting 
>this in the context of its time:
> -John

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