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Wed Aug 18 15:27:20 EDT 2010

Thanks, Ross Leasure!  Wonderful video, and great performance,  Nice telling of 
the story.  Especially moving, of course, in the context of that magnificent film.

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>Dear List-members,
>I apologize if someone else has already posted the following, but in
>my perusal of the recent discussion of Aristophanes speech from
>Plato's _Symposium_ I had not noticed any mention of the animated
>adaption of the story of the "Origin of Love" to be found in John
>Cameron Mitchell's fine film, _Hedwig and the Angry Inch_.  See the
>link below.
>I might also recommend Holly Sypniewski's article (_International
>Journal of the Classical Tradition_ 15: 558-586) entitled "The Pursuit
>of Eros in Plato's _Symposium_ and _Hedwig and the Angry Inch_"
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