[Milton-L] Samson as a private person?

Steve Fallon sfallon at nd.edu
Mon Aug 16 18:59:03 EDT 2010

While my last post indicates that I see no contradiction between 1208 and 1211, there is a contradiction (or at least a strategic disingenuousness) lurking nearby.  A glance at Dobranski's Variorum indicates that it has long been noted.  At 1192-93, Samson says, "Among the daughters of the Philistines / I chose a wife, which argued me no foe."  This does not sit well with what he says 1211-13.  It sits even less well with Samson's comment earlier in the drama on his choice of Dalila: "I thought it lawful from my former act, / And the same end; still watching to oppress / Israel's oppressors" (231-33).

Steve Fallon

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