[Milton-L] the "universe" glyph in PL III.419

Jacque Wernimont jacque.wernimont at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 16:44:45 EDT 2010

Dear Milton list members,

I'm currently scanning through the list archives but don't yet find a
subject heading that seems to speak to my question. I'm wondering if anyone
knows the origin of the glyph that is reproduced (produced?) in Hackett
edition of PL (Kastan ed.) at III.419 that looks something like a backward
greek numeral three. It looks as though its glossed as "universe" -- but it
really could just be a printing error since there is no marginal indicator
in that line despite the gloss. The glyph is not present in the Norton
second edition and I can't find anything on it online. I'll likely wander
down to the Huntington to see what I can turn up there. In the meantime,
does anyone have any information on this weird little character, I'd be most

Jacque Wernimont
Assistant Professor of English
Scripps College
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