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FREE articles for  August 11 - 17, 2010

Welcome to UTP Journals focus

Every week we will feature articles from several of our journals and offer
them free to our Facebook fans. Check back every Wednesday for free access
to a new group of articles.

This week we are pleased to feature:

Canadian Historical Review - from issue 64:3

Partisanship, Patronage, and the Press in Ontario, 1880-1914: Myths and

INFOR - from issue 45:1

Jointly Optimizing Selection of Fuel Treatments and Siting of Forest Biomass
‐Based Energy Production Facilities for Landscape‐Scale Fire Hazard

Journal of Scholarly Publishing - from issue 20:1

Science and the information society

Modern Drama - from issue 51:4

Crooked Europe: The Verse Drama of W.H. Auden (and Company)

Physiotherapy Canada - from issue 58:3

Aerobic Exercise for Children

Seminar - from issue 30:3

Ein Lese- und Bilderbuch von Menschen": Unpublished Letters of Thomas Mann,
Alfred A. Knopf, and H.T. Lowe-Porter, 1929-1934, with Special Reference to
the Joseph-Novels

University of Toronto Law Journal - from issue 58:1

Rethinking The Diceyan Dialectic

University of Toronto Quarterly- from issue  76:2

Found in Translation: Charles Perrault's ‘Blue Beard’ in the English
Eighteenth Century

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posted by T Hawkins, UTP Journals

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