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Thanks for all the input.  After reviewing many of the tools and formats available. I've decided to give Adobe Acrobat a try.  iPad is beginning to offer support for it, and there seems to be support for easily creating formats for other viewers (ibook, epub, Adobe Digital Editions -for devices like the Kindle and Sony Reader etc.), but they still have a way to go to meet my purposes (especially in regards to time and cost).
Ideally, I just want to preserve the high quality images in a ebook-like container that allows the ability to add metadata like annotations and notes, be appendable or relational to ongoing research like dissertations or research papers, create an opportunity for customized annotated editions for personal or classroom use, be relational in its ability to work collaboratively with others and with other online texts etc.
The first tier for me is the quality of the images, the second is the container or the presentaion layer of those images, the third is to identify tools and formats that allow for the portability of those images into devices that offer compelling and useful ways to interact with and explore those images in ways that promote learning.
So, I think I have the first two down.  As the standards and tools for the third part become easier and more affordable, I'll work on the third.  
I did compile a few basic .pdfs using a freeware tool that allows you to download and read the images as entire texts.   It takes several minutes on a decent connection to download each of them.
I recently re-shot the Alexander Gill text with a higher resolution camera than I had at the time I first digitized it.  For those of you who asked about it, it is now fairly easy to read in this format.
Paradise Lost, 1669
Eikon Basilike, 1648
Sacred Philosophie etc., 1635
Feel free to copy and distribute these for non-commercial uses.
If you have ideas on ways to make these more useful, please let me know.

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> John --
> I'm not sure how well it would render your site, but there's a program
> called PadPressed that is designed to convert blogs to iPad ready
> apps. I think that if you were to create scans of your pages cropped
> to eliminate a view of anything other than the page and made these
> pages manipulable in ways comparable to pages in the iBook reader,
> you'd have created a very interesting presentation of literary texts.
> There's an aesthetic quality about a photograph of a real page --
> especially the pages that you are photographing -- that's sadly
> lacking in clean, clear, electronic copies of texts.
> Jim R
> On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 10:10 AM, John Geraghty
> <johnegeraghty at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > Thank you David and Carol,
> >
> > I hope to start dabbling in porting these texts to the ipad etc.  I think it
> > would be great to have all the 17th century editions of Milton's poetry
> > accessible in such a compelling format.  I know Penguin has done a lot of
> > work on new media books to ipad, but if anyone has any thoughts or
> > experience on this I would love to hear about it offline.
> >
> > There are some interesting youtube videos such as this one from Penguin
> > (once you get thru the baby book demo -perhaps I should come out with a
> > druel screen protector and bundle it w/ the penguin app):
> > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QCAPv-IKuU
> >
> > -John
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